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In the course of his research, Pendergrast uncovered what he believed to be the original formula in the Coke archives – unlabelled and apparently missed by the Company archivists. When the photocopy of his January 4, 1947, correspondence arrived, it contained that I had found in the archives – same amounts, same format, even the same misspelling of “F. Coco.” The only difference was that Zarubica’s formula was incomplete, leaving off the final two ingredients in 7X [the flavouring at the heart of the Company’s formula].

When he interviewed Zarubica, and mentioned he had a Coke formula, the former TO responded: “Oh, really? The Company gave me one when I had to take the colour out for Zhukov. It appeared they hadn’t wanted to release the complete formula and had taken the precaution of altering it in this fashion…

Short index to questions (the lower the number, the further down the column the answer will be found) [16] Did Coca-Cola produce a clear version of Coke for General Zhukov that could be disguised as vodka? [15] Why did Poland have lower rates of Black Death than other European countries during the 1300s? Was there such a thing as a bar in 19th-century San Francisco with a chair that dumped drugged people down a trapdoor to kidnap them and force them into the sailing life?

[13] During the New York Draft Riots (1863), supposedly the defended their office from the mob with 2 Gatling guns.

Zarubica’s first shipment of White Coke for Zhukov amounted to 50 cases of the drink.

In addition to the benefit to Soviet/US relations, there was also a plum for Coke: “The regular Coke supply from [the manufacturing plant at] Lambach had to pass through the Russian zone to reach its Vienna warehouse.

Pendergrast’s book contains an appendix discussing the famous “secret formula” for the Coke syrup that lies at the heart of the Company’s IP and contributes substantially to its mystique.

This formula, notoriously, is available only to a tiny number of Company high-ups, there are restrictions in place to prevent all those who know it travelling together on the same plane, and in 1977 the Company withdrew from India rather than share the formula with the Indian government – which had demanded sight of it as a condition for Coke continuing to trade in India.

We also need to be aware that the whole incident has been filtered through the lens of the – very often self-glorifying – Coke company tradition; in fact, outside the Coke tradition, I’ve seen no evidence the incident took place.

Eisenhower was also a supporter of the programme, and according to the After feasting copiously at the Statler luncheon yesterday, Gen. But the Company took aggressive steps to recover its position after the war ended, opening 38 new plants in southern Europe in the years 1946-47 alone in an effort to prevent Pepsi from establishing itself in what had once been Coke territories.

One of Coke’s TO’s in Europe was Mladin Zarubica, a wartime PT boat captain who was sent to Austria in 1946 to supervise the installation of a massive new bottling plant there, four city blocks long and capable of producing 24,000 cases of the beverage per day.

There’s good evidence in Zarubica’s book that he could be a highly unreliable narrator; the book suggests that the guide the hired to hunt chamois during a holiday in the Tyrol around this time turned out to be Martin Bormann.

But there is one interesting bit of corroborating evidence.

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