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They are, first and foremost, women and deserve to be treated as well as any other women you have dated.All the nice girls love a sailor, as the old ditty taught us.But the more I listened to their stories, the more I heard how these particular guys were really seeking a life partner. Dating Service Women – Romance In Uniform Did you know that approximately 15% of all enlisted personnel in the United States armed forces are women?

For example, depending on her position, she may not be able to talk to you all that much about what she does.When it comes to dating, women have been shown to give the edge to profession and providership over appearance. You also might be able to make a case that some women are looking for a knight in shining white armor to rescue them.The kind of person who joins the military has already passed through a certain number of professional gates. One psychologist in a Times of India article on men in uniform, suggested that women are attracted to the “chivalry” exuded in the mannerisms of men in uniform.Finally, don’t treat her like some sort of special prize that you can show off to her friends.Just because she’s in the military doesn’t mean she is some sort of novelty.

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