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It doesn't seem to dissuade millions of white women as long as they can belong to a black man, and be in a black man's world. Many of us have refused to accept it all our lives.It doesn't seem like us white men can do anything about it, either. Despite our futile attempts to keep our women "shielded" from what we see and what we obviously know, I have learned that eventually it will happen. It is simply a degrading and demoralizing fact that us white men must contend with. However, eventually it becomes too overwhelming for us to deny.But, as time continued to pass and Cindy had not returned, I began to worry.I looked at my watch and noticed she had been gone for 35 minutes.Halfway through my freshman year of college there was a dance event being held. "I'd do anything to take her to this dance." I shouted, in silence.It was a formal dance advertised by the college, and it seemed to resemble a traditional prom. Blonde, wholesome, a terrific body and the most perfect face I had ever layed eyes upon. Cindy was absolutely stunning with a 5'6" tall, 118 lb. Her blonde hair and pretty blue eyes could make any man she looked at melt like a chocolate bar on a hot grill in the summer.I had no long term girlfriends, only "sympathy dates" for school dances and proms, usually set up by my younger sister or a fellow computer geeks sister's girlfriend.It wasn't until my freshman year of college at the age of 18 that I finally took my nose out of all those books and began to really notice girls. My shy demeanor prevented me from persuing a girlfriend up to that point and, despite the few "sympathy dates" provided for me I remained dedicated to my studies. Thoughts of the military and their computer programming curriculum intrigued me.

We can see so many of the prettiest white girls with 2 or 3 black babies, or more.To step further back for a moment, I will say that I was more of the shy "nerd" type all through high school.Computers were a relatively new business in the 80's and I became addicted to them right away.Like most young men, my fascination for cheerleaders was front and center. It really and truly seemed that every single one of these white cheerleaders was dating one of the black athletes from the Track or Football teams. Although the sports teams were closer to 80 per cent black, there was less than 100 african american guys in a school of about 2,900.I began watching them intently as they strolled around the school in their short little cheerleader skirts and tight cheer sweaters. "Why were all these pretty white girls dating these black guys when there are so many of us white guys here? Regardless, it was the very first time I would "notice" this type of interracial relationship.

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