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Brittney Elena Brittney Elena is the gorgeous model girlfriend of NBA star, Kevin Durant.

Telling me that I can't understand the fact that my birth father is John? " Elena spat at him."I didn't want you to be angry! You talk to him everyday, you guys even watch movies together late at night while I hunt! Well you certainly don't have to worry about it anymore, Stefan.""What? " Elena said as she rushed down the stairs, forgetting her bag in the process, but just grabbing her car keys as she stormed out of the house.Disclaimer: I own nothing of the show and or book called the Vampire Diaries.Damon walked down the streets of Mystic Falls groaning at all the familiar faces, he needed a change of scenery. delectable, but don't get him wrong about the girls of Mystic Falls, they had some insane tasting blood, but he could just imagine the taste of one girl in particular, Elena Gilbert, he could guess that her blood was the sweetest of them all.Main Characters/Pairings: Damon, Elena, Stefan and Damon/Elena, very, very little Stefan/Elena Rating: It's a T, like the usual.Damon-ness, sexually suggestive content, and snarky comebacks.

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