Dating a girl from another school

but he's working to get closer to where I am.” And whether you’re the one graduating or staying, Dr.Lieberman gave us some important things to consider in regards to this tricky scenario.Being apart for an extended period of time has never been an issue before in the blissful bubble that is your college town, and now you’re worried about how much these big changes will impact your relationship post-graduation.Our advice “Transitions are always a risky time for relationships.” says Dr. “Some relationships that have worked well in one setting may not work as well in a different setting.” And while this may not be an ideal prognosis for your LDR, venturing from college life to the corporate world doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is doomed. Lieberman went on to mention the often unacknowledged benefit that can accompany such a huge change: “If a couple manages to survive a transition, such as graduating and going out into the real world, it can help them to grow closer to each other.” This being said, the most important thing to bear in mind is to not let the important decisions that await you become ruled by your relationship.“It is very tempting to hold onto each other for security as you venture out, but resist the temptation.You want to be together out of love – not out of fear…

The post-graduate may begin feeling as if they have “outgrown” their significant other’s lifestyle, says Dr. Along with this, the other partner may find themselves overwhelmed with the “buffet” of potential partners college provides that they may not have noticed or acknowledged while you were attending school together.“Last summer, my boyfriend worked at a beach bar and I did a nine-to-five internship two hours away,” she says.“So not only were we apart, but we had completely different hours from each other which made even scheduling phone calls a struggle.Lieberman does mention that this can be a tricky time for even the most committed of couples, “The most reasonable choice is to agree to not be exclusive over the summer, but reasonableness doesn't prevent jealousy.” As Dr.Lieberman mentioned previously, in any scenario it’s important to make choices out of what you feel is best for yourself and the relationship, rather than simply out of fear of not having each other.

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