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No Time for Sergeants (1964):-Have No Uniform Will Travel 01/19/64- AHatful of Muscles 02/08/65 Hank (1965):- Dunsetter for President 10/01/65 Mister Roberts (1965):- Liberty 09/24/65 - Old Rustysides 10/15/65- Happy Birthday, to Who? Richard [email protected] for Co-Ed Fever & What Really Happened To The Class of 65 Debbie [email protected] group of gals I know are desperately looking for episodes of general hospital from the 70's to the mid 80's....REALLY would LOVE to find the David Hamilton murder trial!!!! I was bachelor #2 and Wendy from The Doodle Town Pipers was the lady choosing her bachelor date. I chose both times the daytime and night time show.

The bloodiest battle in this war surely occurred on the field of Chicago's Comiskey Park in 1979.Bad stuff is no less relevant than good stuff or status quo. But as humans, especially western ones, we love us some timeframes. ” Eliminating a deadline is not the same as embracing stagnation. Conscious progression is possible when we discover what practices and coping mechanisms work for us.Upon hearing about a fatal illness the immediate question is always “how long do I have? This isn’t a 21st century phenomenon; ancient religions have proper mourning periods that dictate when we are to reenter the world. The only way to do that is trial and error and keeping an open heart, mind and eyes. Most definitely filed in the “error” folder of the coping file was a colossally bad choice I made many many moons ago.These people most likely have a fined honed coping mechanism (most likely in the form of a bottle or official diagnosis.) And while forging through pain and loss may feel like kicking furiously to the surface for a lifesaving gulp of air, it will undoubtedly at some point bite you on that bum.If you are made of flesh and blood, you probably need to feel sad when sad things happen.

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