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"There's nothing more to it." Luke Bovard, who studies applied math, says he's been "vaguely aware" of his asexuality since his early adolescence.Finding the asexual community was a "relief," he says, as it helped him better understand himself and "articulate some of the thoughts" he'd been having about his asexuality.Outside of certain conditions and hormone imbalances, there's no way to "tap out" of desire--so feel free to keep going at it with the person who knows best.

For example, while some aces identify themselves as both aromantic and asexual (meaning they generally do not feel romantic or sexual attraction toward other people), others say they do have the capacity to feel romantically toward others.

The person who wants sex more often can go it alone and fantasize about what they want to experience later, a technique Fleming calls "pattern interrupt"--a break from the typical, scripted sex couples can fall into.

It's all good ( good): Masturbation gives the libido a helping hand, keeping us revved up and in tune with our bodies.

Still, if you're worried that pleasing yourself is going to make you less excited for later, try arousing yourself without finishing the job to "store the sexual energy" and set yourself up for success with your partner, Kerner suggests.

If you and your partner aren't on the same page sexually, Fleming says masturbation can help level the playing field.

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Whether or not you want to make masturbation a teachable moment, there's no reason to worry about self-love ruining your libido for partner play.

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