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Even still, through treacherous seas and mythical storms, merchants, entrepreneurs and would-be businessmen from all corners of the Earth would embark on voyages to seek out The Brand Name Guru – they knew that whatever business name he generated for his requestors would cause the business to be world-renowned and successful.Asad and Hammad of the creative writing Contest Marketplace Copy Shoppy heard of the legendary business naming capabilities of the ancient Master Guru.After countless nights spent on the ocean, and through sheer determination, a little bit of luck and perhaps a dash of fate, Asad and Hammad finally stumbled upon the mysterious island where The Brand Name Guru was said to have lived and generated business names.What they uncovered there was nothing short of spectacular …He held the greatest hand in generating and masterminding the base of the flourishing Asian economy, transforming the continent from a once poverty-stricken and ravenous land into a prosperous, stable and desired place.

Creating a brand name online has never been easier with Copy Shoppy's Business Name Generator Guru and Business Brand Name contests!Once you find a business name you like, click the Check Domain button on the right of the brand name result. COM domain is available for use, the button will turn green. COM domain is unavailable, the button will turn red.If the domain is available, click the green Register Domain button to register the domain before someone else does.Got your cool new business name from the Business Name Generator Guru brand name maker? If you still haven’t found the perfect business name after generating business names suggestions a few times, click the Get Perfect Name button.This will allow you to host a contest on Copy Shoppy, where dozens of talented copywriters compete to provide your business with the brand name that will drive word-of-mouth, skyrocketing your sales.

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If you’re starting a dating matchmaking business, select the "Dating" industry.

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