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She rarely used it again as she hated having to place the rubber speaking tube near her mouth — she thought it unhygienic.

When she needed expert tuition in how to operate it, she was able to turn to her eldest grandchildren, Peter Phillips and his sister, Zara, who are wizards with all kinds of electronic gadgets.

The computerised exchange is said to have the best directory in the world.

It possesses the private numbers of every world leader and anyone else the Queen — who speaks regularly with leaders of the Commonwealth countries — needs to contact.

It’s an ultra-slim model with a camera, small and light enough to fit in a pocket or handbag.

(Above, the Queen visits Vodafone's global HQ in Newbury, Berks)She has her own mobile, has learned how to text and her phone is among the most sophisticated in the world.

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  1. His illness had made his vocal chords brittle, but they would sometimes loosen sufficiently for him to muster a few words, and he would ask to be seated before his computer to make a Skype call to his beloved grandson, Jacob, 15, the son of his daughter Khalilah Ali-Wertheimer.‘He has a lot to be depressed about,’ she said.