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Brendon and Caite fell madly in love (at first sight) thanks to their dear friend, Hans.

Caite was invited to Hans' 33rd (yes, he's the older, foreign friend) birthday party by her friend, and sorority sister, Kate Dal Santo.

Brendon's friends loved spending time with Caite (almost more than Brendon...) and Caite's friends likewise took to Brendon immediately.

Brendon and Caite took some pictures on the mountain with the Mikas and headed back to the car.In the meantime, Caite did a bit of digging and found out that, low and behold, Brendon's brother Keith was dating Caite's friend Leah, another sorority sister.Caite unabashedly brought up this piece of info on their first date (yes, of course she had looked him up on social media...it's 2017 after all).At this point, Brendon did what any upstanding, modern gentleman would do to get on this girl's radar: He made himself useful by offering to replenish her adult beverage.After several hours of effortless and engaging conversation -- and one strategically thrown pool game -- Brendon was able to wrestle Caite's number from her, before she had to depart.

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