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Sharon has taken pictures of me in many similar situations before.

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I am a normal person and as such not everything I do is great. Spandex has a habit of turning completely transparent when it gets wet. Every year about this time I find myself wearing spandex more than usual.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am used to doing it by now and I know that soon it will be to cold to wear shorts.

Most of what I have is N2N Bodywear brand and it feels better than any other brand that I have tried, especially on the goods. There were sporadic rain storms all weekend long here where I live.

There are few that I remember with better detail than one of the earliest. That rule is to always and I mean always look in the mirror before leaving the house. There is at best only two more months before it will be to cold to wear spandex here. I usually wear a short shirt so that everything is on display. My friends tell me that it's not a good idea to be that turned on in shorts that show so much of... I was feeling kind of sexy with my tight blue spandex shorts and short shirt on. I love girls in it and I alos love wearing them myself. I love the way it feels on me and love the way it feels and looks on women. Well today i went for a nice run and decided to take off my shorts. So after a lot of thought I ended up getting the foreskin of my penis pierced. I must admit the first time I wore spandex this year I felt a little naked at first.I made subtle hints when we first started dating that I would like to see...I have a good selection of tight lycra gear, from square cut swimsuits to singlets to long tights.Like I said I started wearing spandex when I was 14. I thought that because the shorts I wore today were black that they would be fine. For some reason this has been my favorite spandex season ever. Some times I get so excited about wearing spandex that I wear things that I... I had been getting some really positive looks and comments. So i run around the neighborhood with comp shorts and a long shirt tucked in at the back. I guess I should start by saying what I need your opinion about. Since I have been circumcised there wasn't a lot of... I was nervous about being in public wearing so few clothes. So I tried a pair of Hot Pants from my friends sister, they were electric blue and I was SOOOOOOOO Horney I was ******* without... I wore a nice silver pair with a red shirt and silver and red running shoes. After I wrote that story about my sheer black shorts.I figured that since it was my first time in a long... I am as quick to talk about things that go wrong as I am about things that go right. I now know that I would wear them knowing how see-through they are.

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